Day 3 – 2 hard miles and a few good meals

Today is a run/walk day, and I knew that waking up.  I wasn’t as motivated to run as I was to go to the gym yesterday, but I knew it was a necessary evil.

I started the morning drinking 16oz of water, then got ready for the run.  For a warm up I walked 1/4 mile and then started running using the Galloway Method (run for 1 minute and walk for 1 minute).  The first mile went pretty smooth but the second mile was difficult.  At 8:30am it was already 84 degrees with 92% humidity!  That is the one thing I hate about Florida!


After finishing the run I did a 1/4 mile cool down walk and went for a 15 minute swim.  I am moving a little slow around the house now, but NO PAIN NO GAIN!


  • Breakfast – A single 2 egg sandwich cooked with coconut oil.
  • Lunch – Pan seared skinless chicken breast with rice, seasoned with fresh Cayenne powder from my garden
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken pasta.

I know what I am eating is NOT the best diet possible.  But it is FAR better than what I used to eat, and it is a step in the right direction.  I want to slowly work my way to a VERY healthy diet, and knowing myself if I jump full force into it now, I will lose motivation FAST.

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