Day 1 – A New Beginning!

This is how I lose Weight
September 1st is finally here!  Its time to start my weight loss journey, and I couldn’t be more excited.   I am writing this at 11:30am and here is how the day has gone so far:
  • Woke up at 8am sharp
  • Made an egg sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Dank 16 oz of water and 16oz of earl gray black tea (no sugar or cream)
  • Used the Galloway Method to run for 30 minutes
  • Swam in the pool for 15 minute

Start of the Day

I set my alarm for 8am looking to get an early start on the day.  I got out of bed, checked some emails to make sure the business did not need my attention first thing.  I decided to have an egg sandwich for breakfast with some earl gray tea.  I normally don’t eat breakfast, but I am going to have to force myself to do so now.

The run

I originally planned on only walking this morning, but some habits die hard.  Back when I was an athlete I was always the one who pushed the pace, and it seems that mentality is still there.  So instead of walking, I used the Jeff Galloway Method of running for 1 minute followed by walking for 1 minute.

The first few cycles went pretty easy, but buy the last few 60 seconds started to seem like 60 minutes.  I was able to finish the full 30 minutes and did a 5 minute cool down walk.  On the way back to my apartment I had to pass the pool, and it just looked too inviting to pass up.  So I quickly showered off and jumped in.  I did about 10 VERY casual laps, then relaxed for about 5 minutes.

The Rest of the Day

My in-laws are coming to town at the end of the week so most of my free time will be spent deep cleaning the apartment.  I have to steam clean all the carpets (we have 2 dogs, so its a lot of work) and then deep clean the bedroom and bathrooms.

I haven’t planned out my lunch yet, but I am guessing it will be a skinless chicken breast with some rice.  And dinner will be up to the wife.

I will update later!

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