Starting over… AGAIN!

10/26/2015 Dan 0
It happened again!  Work got VERY busy for me, and weight loss and this blog fell off my radar.  I stopped exercising, but luckily, I did not go back to my poor eating habits.  So it is time to start over.

I now have a Fit Bit that I use to track my steps and general activity at all times.  So far in the … Read More


Day 8 – Getting back to posting after a LONG weekend

09/09/2015 Dan 0
So far I have found that the most difficult thing for me to do with my current weight loss journey is to keep this blog updated.

This long weekend there was a holiday,  my in-laws came to town and my step-father retired.  To say there was a lot going on would be an understatement.

Well, with family in town… Read More


Day 3 – 2 hard miles and a few good meals

09/04/2015 Dan 0
Today is a run/walk day, and I knew that waking up.  I wasn’t as motivated to run as I was to go to the gym yesterday, but I knew it was a necessary evil.

I started the morning drinking 16oz of water, then got ready for the run.  For a warm up I walked 1/4 mile and then started running using the Galloway… Read More


Day 2 – Weigh-in Wednesday

09/03/2015 Dan 0
I woke up at 8am feeling excited about the day.  My legs where a little sore from yesterdays run but not as bad as I expected, I guess all the walking I do at work helped a bit here.  Today is weigh-in Wednesday so the first thing I did when I got out of bed was weigh myself.

Okay, so that’s my starting… Read More

This is how I lose Weight

Day 1 – A New Beginning!

09/01/2015 Dan 0
September 1st is finally here!  Its time to start my weight loss journey, and I couldn’t be more excited.   I am writing this at 11:30am and here is how the day has gone so far:
  • Woke up at 8am sharp
  • Made an egg sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Dank 16 oz of water and 16oz of earl gray black tea (no sugar
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